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The Influence of Graphic Design

Posted April 15th, Under Graphic Design

As designers we carry a sometimes daunting amount of responsibility when it comes to the influence that design has on our culture, information, and the decision making of consumers and viewers. We often take this ability of persuasion for granted, as we can never truly predict and measure the effect that it will have. As a result, we help shape the future, but in what way? In order to apply this influence with intent, we must first understand the true potential of graphic design.



Design is created with an objective. Often that objective is to sell or outsell a product, service or idea. But in a competitive marketplace, Design is leveraged to differentiate and distinguish this product, service or idea from it's competitors. By understanding the behavioural characteristics, of a defined target audience, a design can be tailored to achieve very specific results. Design is the bridge that connects the message with the audience. But it doesn't just communicate content, it evokes emotion, and provokes action.


This Prezi was designed to analyze the objective of design and to put into perspective, the role that it plays within our society. What will you create? How will you use this influence?  Where will it take you? Learn more by viewing this Prezi.


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