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Crafting Future Proof Brands

Posted March 27th, Under Brand Design

Here at A4C we aim to design logos that withstand the test of time, and that stand out amongst a world cluttered with emerging brands. As an developing business in Barrie ourselves, we understand the true value of brand recognition, and hope to share our insight in the process behind the craft. So what defines a successful brand? What ingredients are required to fulfil a future-proof recipe?



First lets define future-proof. Future-proofing in terms of logo design, is the process of anticipating future obstacles that a brand may have to overcome, and crafting it in a way that addresses these issues before they even present themselves. For instance, creating 1-colour logo adaptations that still accurately depict the brand in a true likeness to it's full colour counterpart. This is useful when applications like embroidery and etching are possible options, and colour choices are limited and/or irrelevant. It also includes the proper construction of the logo file itself. Future proofing can also mean the simplification of an existing logo, distilling the identity down to its fundamental form while still capturing the brand's essence. Like telling a great story with very few words.


Now that we understand future proofing, let's identify the essential components of a future proof brand.



Executed Carefully

The details matter.

+ The logo file is provided in a vector format (AI or EPS) for optimal resolution. This ensure that the logo will never fall victim to quality degradation when scaled larger or smaller.
+ The brand is crafted by a professional designer with strong logo design skills.
+ The design is not TOO complicated or intricate. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  
+ The logo can evolve and adapt (1-colour, black & white) to best suit it's environment.
+ A strong logo should be timeless. It should withstand trends and serve its purpose for time to come.


Be Meaningful

Let your brand tell your story.
+ Your brand has the ability to visually explain what you do.
+ Your brands represents your values, objectives and your beliefs.
+ Does it have personality? Is it fitting?
+ Avoid cliches, embrace you. Give it thought (and time).


Be Unique

Different is memorable.
+ Highlight what makes your business unique, don't be afraid of being different.
+ Be creative, embrace ideas that have never been done before.
+ Your logo may act as a first impression. Be remembered with distinction.


Target Your Audience

Design can be a deadly weapon.
+ Research and understand your users/customer.
+ Your brand should appeal to your target demographic, not just you, the business owner.
+ Use your brand to attract your target audience.
+ Deploy your brand strategically.


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